Thursday, May 13, 2010


Connor is my six year old bundle of energy! He is finishing up 1st grade and has done great. This year connor has taken Karate, and played soccer. Soccer seems to be a great fit for him because he gets to run non-stop. Connor's first school play was this year (There was an old woman who swallowed a chick), connor was a chick! I am amazed by how much he knows already, he is a great reader and seems to have a real love for books, which makes me so happy. There are just so many things I love about this kid let me name a few.
- He is still so loving! You think as your boys get older they will stop loving on you, but not him. He still loves to get up in my lap and get a hug.
- He is excited about life and shows it! The best thing about connor seeing something new or getting to do something special is his face. Pure joy, and I hope he never loses that.
- He is caring. Connor doesn't like for people to feel left out. He really has a gentle soul.
- He gives everything his all. There is no halfway with connor (something I think he gets from me).

Let's do a highlight real of some of the things connor has had going on.

Connor had a picture in artbreak 2009!
Naturally silly!
70's day at school!!
Mardi Gras float for his school parade
made by him & his daddy!!

Connor made Honor Roll!!

Connor graduated to a new belt in karate!

He loves soccer!!!
Connor's 1st grade teacher Mrs. Kinney!

Connor as a chick in his 1st school play!!

Connor turned SIX!! Skating Rink Party!!

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