Sunday, July 29, 2012

Soccer spring 2012

Well all my kids are now old enough to play soccer, and I will admit having three kids in a sport involves a lot of jumping around. Everyone playing on different fields, and your running around trying to see a little of each game. Oh the job of a mother is never done!  It was however a successful season and the kids all loved it.  It was hard to believe that my little Cole is old enough to play sports now, but he jumped right in. Cole was what I would describe as the runt of his team, but it defiantly didn't hold him back, and I love the confidence he just naturally has in himself.  Connor seems to have finally found the sport of his choice in soccer, and I must say he seems to really have a talent for it.  Watching your kid do anything that you can just see he loves is so great especially when you can just tell he is putting 100% into it. He has impressed me on every level.  Kahlan while enjoying playing soccer she know it's not her gift.  I did however put her in an art camp this summer and she was amazing.  Her creative mind always amazes me, and I love to see the things she comes up with. Kids are wonderfully different and it is always fun to witness them slowly figure out what there gifts are.  

Connor soccer 2012
My kid showing off his mad skills!

Kahlan Soccer 2012

She had to have the shades!

Cole Soccer 2012

He was not happy the game was over.