Friday, July 13, 2007

Ready to defend!!!

Connor has been a little rough on Kahlan lately. He has started hitting her when she has something he wants and so forth, I am hoping it is just a phaze. The other night I went in to make sure Kahlan was covered up in bed and I found the above picture. I called Dutch in to look and take a pic. All we could think is Kahlan is ready for connor to try something. It was kind of funny!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Husband and I just returned from a four day vacation in Hot Springs. We went with friends of ours, Keith and Amy, and we went with NO KIDS!! It is nice every now in then to be alone with my hubby without kids running everywhere demanding our attention. When I do get time alone with Dutch it is almost like it hits me, "Oh yeah this is what it was like before kids." Everyone reading this knows I love my kids, but everyone also knows how nice it is to get a break. It helps that I happen to have a wonderful husband that I love getting to myself whenever I can. He gets to play husband first instead of Daddy and he is great at both roles!!