Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just laying around!!!!!!!!!

For those of you that don't know I have been put on bed rest due to pre-eclampsia. That means I have dangerously high pregnancy induced blood pressure which can cause a lack of oxygen for the baby and raise the risk of seizures and strokes for myself. Let me tell you bed rest does not sound as restful as it seems, laying in bed all day and only getting up to go to the bathroom gets old really quick. I really appreciate all of my friends that or bringing meals!!! Dutch is doing everything right now laundry, kid running, house cleaning, and all mommy stuff in general and the dinners you guys bring or a huge help to us!! Tonight I had to lay on the couch and watch Dutch fold clothes in between baking cookies for Connors Halloween party at school tomorrow, I felt so sorry for him he is so out of his element, but he never complains. I ask you all to keep us in your prayers I really need to make it another twelve weeks at least. Hopefully I will be able to stay at home and not be hospitalized again it is really hard to be away from my children so much right now since they or having to stay with Dutch's mom during the day, but at least I see them in the evenings. Just pray to give me strength and patients it is a very hard position to be in. I want to protect Cole and myself but I don't want Connor and Kahlan to feel like I am absent from them. I am rambling on I have felt a lack of communication lately being by myself. Thank you again for everything you or doing I am blessed with amazing friends!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Little Beauty Queen

This weekend Kahlan was in a Beauty Pageant, and we both had alot of fun. Since I have discovered she will be my only little girl I want to take advantage and do little girl stuff with her. She really did do well. She one Division princess and the photogentic award (pics taken by our very own Michelle Jenkins). Kahlan's favorite part was wearing her Cinderella dress as she calls it. I was somewhat worried she would eaither get on stage and be shy or have attitude luckily she did neither, and the judges were fooled. We had fun so I just wanted to share some pics!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And the name is.....

Yes a name has finally been decided on and the name of our new little boy is
Cole Wilson Johnson!!!!!!
We or really happy with it and I appreciate all the advice we recieved. I will tell you one thing this is the most active of all of the babies I have carried. There is something so personal about a baby kicking inside your belly. It is something between the two of you. Connor and Kahlan have been moved into the same room to prepare for the baby, and surprisingly they love sharing a room. It has been really busy with Connor being in school and me being in school and redoing parts of the house to prepare, but it is also the most exciting time as well!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Baby Names & Toy boxes!!!!!

Okay so we appreciated all of you comments (no matter what they said), and we hear you loud and clear (OUR NAMES SUCK!!!!!!!). They have lost there appeal to us as well, probably because everyone hated them, but moving on!! We really would like to pick a name soon so here is the new list. We think there could definatly be a winner in the bunch!! Oh, by the way the middle name is Wilson, I know not very cute but it is a family name were passing down. So here they are!!!

1.) Blake

2.) Jack

3.) Cole

4.) Colin

5.) Logan

oh the pics above or the toy box my husband just finished for the kids. I was so impressed with how good a job he did, and as you can see the kids love it!!!!