Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Need advice

I started making these frames this week, and I think they are cute so I was going to make some more and put them in reruns are fun or maybe try Craig's list (Angela says they sale alot of crafts on there). So basically I want to know #1 if you would pay for these at all, and #2 if you would how much would you pay. Be honest my feelings won't get hurt!

Monday, February 9, 2009

So much to catch up on!

Well we have had a pretty busy weekend so let me get started! Saturday Kahlan went with her cousin to Zoey's World, which is this place in pierre bossier mall where they dressup and pamper little girls just for fun! She had her hair and makeup done as well as having a pedicure, manicure, and facial! Kahlan is all girl so she was really into it as you can see from the below pictures! On a side note I really did try to get her to pick something besides the blue hair but she really wanted it!

Getting ready to get there hair done!

Getting ready for there pedicures!

Enjoying there facials!

All done up!

Sunday we had Cole's first B-day, and while I really wanted it to be relaxing and fun it did not exactly work out that way. I had an indoor party planned, but changed it last minute because the weather said it would be 73 and overcast, but no rain I changed it to Brownlee park so the kids could run around and play! Well the wind was like a tornado, there was no hint of sun, and about the time my one year old started shoving cake into his face we started feeling the first sprinkles! A little part of me wanted to cry as everyone rushed to shove stuff in cars. I know I am being ridiculous, its not like he will remember any of this and if you look at the pictures it looks like it went off without a hitch, but it was his first birthday and it definatly did not go as planned!

Cole's B-Day cake!
He loved that balloon!

This was defiantly his favorite part!

My cute nephew!

Today I took Cole to get his first haircut, and I was definatly a little nervous, but his hair was getting a little unruly. I was so surprised he did so well! I didn't have to hold him in my lap are fight him to be still, he just sat on the little booster thing and let her cut his hair. The beautician was amazed to. I must say he is a great kid!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Cole!!!

Cole turned One years old today!! He has been a real joy to have! Let me lay out some facts.
Cole is crawling, pulling up, and cruising while holding on to something. He has eight teeth, four across the top, four across the bottom. He says momma, but only when he is upset. He decided all on his own that he was done with baby food. He loves bananas, nutri-grain bars, pasta pickups, and he recently got hold of a powdered donut and went crazy. He weighs 19 lbs. 13 oz., he is extremely ticklish, and loves when his siblings show him any kind of attention! The following is an overview of Cole's first year. I know it is long I apologize, but he is my last baby!!