Friday, November 14, 2008

Catching up!

Hello all! I know I have been out of commision for awhile. No excuses just lazy! Meanwhile my kids have been growing especially cole you know how babies change so fast.

Cole is nine months old now. He is standing holding on to stuff, I have just about giving up on crawling, he hates everything about being on his stomach. I keep trying though! He has four teeth, loves to eat and eventhough he is still mostly eating baby food he loves steamed carrots, sweet peas, and green beans! He is still pretty layed back even though I think he gets frustrated sometimes because he can get moving!

Connor is loving school! We had some problems with him running his mouth to much at the beginning but he has been better lately. He is very curious about things right now, he asks tons of questions. He is old enough now that he is really a good helper. He is a really loving kid!

My one and only little girl will turn four years old on the 19th. She loves to dressup like a princess. She would love nothing more than to go crazy in my makeup, but I am holding her back. She will sit and watch me put every little thing on and wants to know what it is and where you put it. She is to sassy for her own good and I dread the teenage years!