Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cubscouts, soccer, and end of the year parties!

Connor has shown interest in cub scouts for some time now, and since soccer just ended we thought we would let him give it a try. We just had our first field day with his cub scouts group, and it was a blast. We went to Bodcau and spent the day! It was so nice because they provided all the food and had all the activities planned for the kids! It was really great.

The kids both finished up soccer season as well. Connor loved it, and Kahlan pretty much suffered through it, but here are pics of them with there trophies!

This was really the only time during soccer that Kahlan was

Last but not least the kids have finished there pre-school and 1st grade year! Connor ended the year with another honor roll, I am so proud of him. Kahlan scored great in all of her benchmark test! Both of my kids have made me very proud through out this year!!

Kahlan with her nanna, her teacher Mrs. Perry, and me at her graduation!

Connor at his honor roll ceremony and class party!


Angela said...

I'm glad you are back to blogging! I enjoy looking at all the pictures of your kiddos.

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Chelsea said...

Those pictures of yours are so nice, I like your blog too, continue posting.


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MameyJane said...

Haven't checked on your blog in ages...hope you get back to blogging soon! Miss you guys...

Daniel Nabors Jr said...

Cubscouts looks pretty cool I can't wait to have me a little boy :)