Thursday, May 13, 2010


My little baby is getting to be not such a little baby to fast for me!! Now two years old and running everywhere cole is the last of my flock, and I just want him to stay little forever! Cole does everything in his own time and has been that way from the beginning. Slow to do everything, but gets there eventually. He is obsessed with balls! If he has a ball he is happy, and can really impress you with his throwing, kicking, and he is already catching. He still only says momma, but gets what he wants across by using sign language. He is a funny kid that is a joy to just watch! Things I love about my little guy!

- He is very independent. Not only does he prefer you not to help him, he get down right mad if you do!
- He's a mommas boy! He is still in that wonderful stage where he still prefers me over everyone, and I love that!
- He is sharp! Just because he is not talking doesn't mean he isn't smart, and I am amazed daily by what he can do.
- He is all boy! Loves to be rough and tumble with his dad. It's so funny how natural that kind of stuff develops.

Let's look at what Cole has been up to lately!

Cole turned TWO!!! Party at the church!!

Opening a ball at Christmas!!!
His favorite thing!!

Wrestling with his Daddy!!

Watching his favorite show!!!!
Cole loves to color!

and build!!!!!

He has no fear when it comes to animals!

Pretty good at puzzles to!!

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