Thursday, August 28, 2008

My first born!

Well alot has happened with my first born this week. Monday he started Kindergarten and this past weekend he had his 5th birthday party (even though his b-day is not until this weekend). Its alot for a mom to watch you first child turn five and then get on the school bus and start school. He loves it though. He seems to really like his teacher and classmates. His favorite part though is the school bus! I thought it would be the playground, are the puzzle time they get to have, but NO it is all about the school bus! I guess that's better than him freaking out and not wanting to ride it. I did take him his first day and as I watched him take off his backpack and sit down in his desk I did think back to the day we had him. I was a scared first time mother and Dutch looked on with a since of awe at his first son. It was a different experience than having our other ones, and now he has left our nest and others will influence his thinking. Ok well I am reminiscing enough!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Attention everyone!

I thought I would share a little story with everyone involving my wonderful but mischievous son, Connor! Friday we went to see a friend of mine in the hospital that just had a baby. After the visit me and the kids were heading down the hall of the hospital on our way out, and I turned my head for a second to talk to kahlan and connor pulls the fire alarm. I tell you right now it was insane in like one second. All doors automatically shut, lights start blinking, sirens are going off, nurses and doctors are all meeting at the desk to prepare for whatever it is they are suppose to be doing, and Connor is looking at me with the most afraid look on his face. Of course I was completely mortified! So I called to the nurses to inform them that No the hospital is not burning down it was just my four year old. At the point that they realize that it is a false alarm they starting barking orders to call maintenance, call the fire dept. that is already on its way, and so on. So after I make connor apologize to the nurses and doctors we take our bow with a promise to not visit again anytime soon! So does anyone want to try and top that!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Country Living!!!

My husband was doing some yard work in our backyard and what was sitting there but this copperhead snake. Dutch grabbed a shovel and killed it, but it completely freaks me out. This is the second one we have found in our yard, and the other was bigger than this one. My kids play out here almost everyday so of course it worries me. Dutch brought the kids out and showed them the snake and explained how bad they were and to run if they see one. It's the price you pay for country living I guess, but all I have to say is GROSS!!! I thought I would share this for all of my wonderful friends that are coming to visit me at my home tonight. All I have to say is, Watch your step!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

paint time!

We had paint time a couple of days ago and the kids are always happy when I let them paint. So we sat down and did a few pics together and we had a great time. After a while connor said he was done and I had saved bath time until after painting so I told him to come on and I will put him in the tub. I told kahlan to stay there and keep painting and when I came back the below pics are what I found. She was being so careful to get every part of her arm and after I had snuck a couple of pics I called her attention to me and she just looked up and smiled and said, "What??" She is such a funny girl I just let her go for it. We had a good time.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Getting better!

I have mentioned before that I feel like I need to put more effort into doing things active with my kids. Sure I bring them to the park, but do I get out there and slide with them. Those sort of things. I feel as though I am making progress and I am a happier mom for it. My kids tell me how much they like when I play with them and that ofcourse puts a smile on my face. I think I am finding my place as a mother of three. It just takes a little more loosening up (so kahlan just wiped her mashed potatoed hands on your dining room chair, just breathe), and a little more effort ( get off the computer and get on the floor and paint). I am getting it. If I can just keep my energy up I think I will be ok. I am sure by the end of today I will again feel overwhelmed but I think I am on the right track.