Friday, January 23, 2009

WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been arguably the worst week I have ever had. Connor started throwing up on Mon. night, running fever, and having all other non mentionable stomach problems. All of the symptoms hit kahlan on Tuesday and Cole by the end of that night, Dutch was gone until very late Wed. night and so then he joined the other patients pretty much as soon as he came in the door on Thurs.

Please understand this was no small amount of throwing up are stomach problems. All three of my children threw up on me, kahlan actually got me in the face. I cleaned more throw up and poo then any one person should in a lifetime!!!!!! Dutch and Cole are really the only ones still having symptoms so tomorrow will be spent disinfecting this den of sickness. I could not believe I never really got it, my kids must have helped me develop an immune system of steal! So I guess I am just blogging my woes from this week!

On a lighter note Connor has had perfect conduct for three weeks and so I brought him out for a surprise and he picked out his first pet. He was so excited to buy everything they needed. There are two fish in there, the silver one is Connor's which he named Junior and the Gold one is Kahlan's which she named, "The Gold One" so I told her Goldie for short! Fish are good starter pets of course we will see if I still feel that way when I am running to wal-mart at 11:00 at night to replace Goldie because I found her floating at the top! Lets hope that doesn't happen to soon!

Oh yeah I made these cute pics and Collages that I wanted to add so I could end on a fun note!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Here is my first try!

Here is the final outcome!

So here is the fan blade I should have looked at BEFORE I started painting!

So I told you guys I was going to try to do some more painting so I thought I would do a painting for Kahlan's room at the new house. My thought was I would try to mimic the fan blades of this fan I had bought awhile ago for her new room, trouble with that is I had put the fan up in the attic and thought that I remembered what the fan blades looked like. So this morning before I blogged this I had Dutch get in the attic and get the fan down so I could take a picture of the fan blade so I could show what I was trying to mimic, and low and behold the fan blades were completely different then how I remembered them (I am a SPAZ!). So now I have this picture that I worked really hard on, that does not match her room! So here it is anyway so let me know what you think!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

new craft

My friends Keith & Amy's little girl Addy is turning one today, and since she is overloaded with toys and clothes I thought I would make her something. I went to Michaels to find a canvas with a picture frame in it hoping I could paint it from scratch, but no such luck. I did find this frame that I really liked and decided there was enough room to paint what I wanted on it. So I got the frame for about $11 bucks, the ribbon for like a dollar, the paint for 4 dollars, and the pic of Addy I blew up at wal-mart for life five dollars. My friend Mallori helped me with some of it, and I was really happy with how it came out. It gave me some confidence that I can do this kind of stuff so I think I am going to try some more paintings. I will let you know how it goes!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Life right now!

11 Months Old!!!

Well Cole finally started crawling on Dec. 20th! I thought it would never happen. He has defiantly caught up on lost time now because he is all over the place. He has four teeth on the bottom and two teeth on the top (he looks really funny because the two he has on top are his two k-9's). He eats some table food now. He loves mixed veggies, banana's, and pancakes! He is my only child out of the three that said mommy first, Yeah!! He is 21 lbs. and his red hair is starting to curl everywhere, which makes is look a little unruly. He is a real Joy!

I had my cousin come take some pics of me & Cole together because I feel like I am always behind the camera! Cole & Anderson! We actually didn't plan the outfits!

My 11 month old!

I think Kahlan is starting to suffer a little middle child syndrome. She doesn't know why Connor gets to go to school and she doesn't, and Cole gets attention for being the baby and I feel like she has been feeling a little out of the loop. So with Connor going back to school I am going to try to spend some time doing some special things with her. It gets hard to find individual time with each child when you have three, but I love spending the time when I get it. So I am open to some suggestions about fun stuff I could do with my little girl!

She loves her princess dresses!

I had a little mini photo session with my girl! She is so cute!


Connor has been off school for the last couple of weeks, and I will be honest I was preparing myself to go back to fighting and screaming all the time, I was wrong. I overall really enjoyed having Connor at home. He is just obsessed with the computer. He would play games all day if I let him so I have had to start giving him time limits. He continually impresses me with what he figures out on his own. He really is a pretty great kid.

Showing off his LSU sweater he got for Christmas!

Me & Connor at his school Christmas party!