Monday, March 26, 2007

No More Crying!!

I thought I would share a good cooking tip because I know that most everyone hates having to cut onions because they make you cry and your eyes burn. Well the next time you have to cut one just get a candle and lite it right next to where you or cutting. The fumes from the fire eats up the juice that makes you cry from the onion. So you no longer have to fear the dredded onion!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Two ways to do everything!!!

Connor has discovered the comment, "He hurt my feelings" and he has also discovered its a great way to get some quality loving. Its hard to resist when you have to tell your kid No about something and then he looks at you and lets his little mouth drop into a frown and says, "Mommy, you hurt my feelings." On the other hand Kahlan has chose to take a different approach which is to just ooze attitude and have her be the one telling me No, which just doesn't have the same effects as her brothers way. I am just assuming Connor hasn't taught his sister the tricks yet. In fact I can almost swear sometimes when he sees Kahlan shake her finger at me and tell me No or do the Kahlan eye roll (Michelle knows about that) I see him sitting back with a bit of a grin in anticipation of the scolding to come. Kids!!!

Friday, March 2, 2007

A childs knowledge

Dutch was putting Connor in bed one night and he was reading him The Garden of Eden story out of his children's bible stories book, and when the word sin came up dutch asked Connor if he knew what sin was, and Connor looked at dutch and said, "daddy sin is evil." We had no idea that Connor even knew what evil was. Were guessing that he learned it in Sunday school. I was really impressed. Its amazing what a child absorbs!